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It has been an observation that the “It Bags” are shrinking by the season. Varying in minuteness…“petit”, “mini”, “micro” “nano”, what these cuties lack in size, they make up in chicness. Allow the Luxe Confidante to share our amusement with SAINT LAURENT’s Collection of “mini mes” in contrast with their hot mommas.

Let’s begin with the “Sac Emmanuelle”. Chic bucket bag, subtle in taupe...

and electrifying in royal blue.

The classic “Cabas Monogram”. Sexiness in black...

or sweetness in lipstick pink.

The new “Sac Duffle” in sophisticated dark magenta...

or innocence in blush.

A celebrity favorite “Sac du Jour” in vavavoom violet...

or ravishing red.

Last but definitely the least and perfect for the holiday festivities, “Satchel Monogram”.

with a touch of shimmer.

Ladies, whichever of these babies you receive for Christmas, always remember “It’s not about the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean”.

If you missed the November delivery, catch the next shipment for December and send us your wish list now.

For more personalized gift suggestions, email us at WISH@LUXECONFIDANTE.COM

Images : Saint Laurent

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