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As winter begins to be more forgiving, we gradually peel off the layers and welcome spring in fabulous strides. Italian shoemaker Alberto Guardiani, creating quality shoes since 1947 remain classic & elegant but with a twist! We are completely smitten by his Lipstick Collection…come see for yourself.

a guardiani lipstick headline.jpg

Python Pumps with Bejewelled Heels.

a guardiani_lipstick heel & swarovski crystals.jpg

Encrusted with Swarovski Crystals.

a guardiani_lipstick heel pumps nubuck.jpg

Red Hot Suede.

a guardiani_lipstick heel suede.jpg

Classic Black Suede...can never go wrong with this.

a guardiana_lipstick heel laminated python.jpg

Metallic Python.

Is there something you've been lusting over and haven't acquired? Let us know. Send us your

Images : Alberto Guardiani

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