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French luxury shoe designer, Christian Louboutin brings femininity to a new height with the "Louboutin Nail Collection". Provocative at first glance, the crystal bottle is faceted like a precious stone crowned with a calligraphy pen inspired tip. Provocative indeed, as it provokes our senses to purchase all 30 shades and place them side-by side somewhere in the boudoir.

The patented triangular designed brush prevents air bubbles upon application and promises a brilliant and impeccable finish. Who could resist such tempting colors?...

Popi (red orange), Lova (purple), Wherever (sapphire blue).

Clockwse from top left : Batignolle, Tutulle, Altaperla & Daffodil.

Quite interesting fact that the sexy red sole Monsieur Louboutin is renowned for was literally a "stroke" of genius when he painted a prototype's black sole with a Chanel Rouge nailpolish borrowed from his assistant who was painting her nails.

Speaking of stilettos and vernis, how irresistible and quirky are these beauties from the New Collection?

ACT FAST and be done with your Christmas shopping by mid-November. All that’s left to do is place these goodies under your tree.

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Images : Christian Louboutin

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