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Due to popular demand, we are dedicating another feature to take a closer look at this luxury house built since 1717, who for seven generations, has successfully forged a name as the gunsmith to European royalties. So much so that history’s great authors, such as Balzac, Dumas, Flaubert, and Pushkin paid homage to the house of Fauré Le Page in their most famous novels just as Jay-Z and Kanye West can’t go through every other song without name-dropping a few designer names.

Fast forward to today, the brand remains true to its heritage with their exclusive « chainmail » pattern, a symbol of strength and seduction inspired by an armour, beautifully incorporated in their pieces. It is handcrafted using a process similar to that of quality printing on silk. The fabric is then waxed and grained, giving it an elegant finish, which is supple as well as durable.


The lucky ladies who responded fast enough to our first feature are now happily (yes, based on their feedbacks and kind messages) toting their Daily Battle from the Pop Collection. Our heartfelt apologies to those who weren’t able to own one as the pieces have evaporated off the shelves by the time they sent in their wishes. The good news is, the brand continues to carry the Daily Battle in classic colors: Taupe (highly recommended), Steel Grey, Empire Green, Red Ivresse (Burgundy) and Paris Blue (Navy).

Last chance, last call for the Pop Collection in the Carry On design. Available in very limited number of pieces.

flp_carry on.png

Or for the more conservative shopper, the newly released version in Empire Green and 4 other classic colors. The Apparat strap, inspired by the sash worn by officers in the army, makes this bag perfect worn over a winter coat.

flp_carry on_empire green.png

Of course, let’s NEVER forget the men...especially that Christmas is just around the corner. Imagine his delight and yours, as well, when he replaces his ratty old messenger bag with this.


"Express" Messenger Bag available in 5 color variations.

TO TOP IT ALL OFF, their price range is guilt-free and won’t compel you to say your Hail Marys before going to bed.

ORDER YOUR PIECES NOW and receive them by November from Paris to your doorstep!

Images : Fauré Le Page

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